The Aussois Combinatorial Optimization Workshop is an international one week event that takes place every winter at the CNRS Centre Paul Langevin in Aussois (France), a ski resort in the Savoyard Alps.

There were 18 editions of the Aussois Workshop. The first took place in 1996 and the second in 1998.

The Workshop aims at putting together senior and young specialists in the field of Discrete Mathematical Optimization to present and discuss their most recent research work in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The participation is strictly restricted to the invited persons.

In the even years the Workshop is organized by Thomas Liebling (until 2008), François Margot (starting 2010), Denis Naddef, and Laurence Wolsey. The organizers of the odd year editions are Michael Jünger, Gerhard Reinelt, and Giovanni Rinaldi.

The special edition of 2008 was run by the six odd and even year organizers, jointly with William Pulleyblank.

The workshop is run on its traditional model, i.e., there are no parallel sessions and the program is made during the meeting. There are two morning sessions and one late afternoon session to leave time in the afternoon for enjoying the beautiful landscape and have the opportunity for skiing.

The web pages of the past editions can be reached with the buttons in the upper right part of this page.

The books shown on the right column of this page were edited by the organizers and are based on the talks of some editions of the workshop.