Group Purpose and History

The Euro Working Group on Urban Traffic and Transportation was founded in July, 1991 in Cetraro (Italy) during the 7th Euro Summer Institute on Urban Traffic Management. The name was changed during the Meeting in Glasgow in July,1994 to TRANSPORTATION, in order to enlarge the topics to be addressed and to involve more people in the participation.

Main Targets

  • providing a forum to share informations and experiences of research activities on the field of transportation

  • encouraging joint researches and the development both of theoretical methods and applications

  • promoting the cooperation among different institutions and organizations, leaders at national level in the field of traffic and transportation systems

Primary Field of Interest

  • Operations Research methods, mathematical models and computation algorithms to solve and support the solution of problems faced by city authorities and public transport companies

Areas of Interest

  • Traffic control and simulation models
  • Traffic network equilibrium models
  • Land-use and transportation planning
  • Public transport planning and management
  • Applications of combinatorial optimization
  • Vehicle routing and scheduling
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Logistics and freight transportation

Potential Activities

  • Organization of meetings and conferences
  • Editing of Newsletters
  • Promotion of joint researches
  • Implementation, comparison and validation of software packages
  • Application and transfer of models and tools to real case environments

Group Coordinator:
Dr. Maurizio Bielli
Institute of System Analysis and Informatics
National Research Council
Viale Manzoni 30 - 00185 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39-6-77161
Fax: +39-6-7716461
Group Assistant:
Barbara D'Alessandri