The Program

Monday, 8 March

Chair:Michael Juenger
9.00A. Letchford: "Mod-2 cuts for the Stable Set Problem"
9.30R. Hemmecke: "Decomposition of test sets in stochastic programming"
10.00T. Ziegler: "The Constrained Crossing Minimization Problem"
Chair:Gerhard Reinelt
11.30L. Fleischer: "Approximating fractional multicommodity flow independent of the number of commodities"
12.00L. Finschi: "Cocircuit graph orientation"
Chair:Giovanni Rinaldi
17.30G. Galambos: "Data compression"
18.30R. Schultz: "Stochastic integer programming"

Tuesday, 9 March

Chair:Gabor Galambos
8.30T. Koch: "Solving Steiner tree problems in graphs to optimality"
9.00L. Brunetta: "Solving feedback vertex set problems on undirected graphs"
9.30G. Klau: "Optimal compaction of orthogonal grid drawings"
Chair:Ruediger Schultz
10.30M. Labbé: "The median cycle problems"
11.00E. Dahlhaus: "Nested dissection and minimal elimination ordering"
11.30E. Amaldi: "Infeasible linear systems: Finding max/min partitions into feasible subsystems"
Chair:Bernhard Korte
17.30M. Queyranne: "On optimum size-constrained set partitions"
18.10L. Trotter: "A branch and cut algorithm for capacitated vehicle routing"
18.50J. Edmonds: "Combinatorial pivoting to obtain a second Hamiltonian cycle"

Wednesday, 10 March

Chair:Maurice Queyranne
8.30B. Spille: "Augmentation algorithms for intersecting integer programming"
9.00G. Lancia: "A branch and price algorithm for minimum routing cost trees"
9.30B. Verweij: "A branch and cut algorithm for independent set applied to map labelling problems"
Chair:Les Trotter
10.30M. Oswald: "Polyhedral aspects of the consecutive ones problem"
11.00V. Kaibel: "Simple 0-1-polytopes"
11.30F. Eisenbrand: "Bounds on the Chvátal Rank of Polytopes in the 0/1-Cube"
Chair:Egon Balas
17.30E. Speckenmeyer: "A new graph theoretic problem from logic"
18.10R. Moehring: "Project risk management: Mathematical models & methods"
18.50B. Korte: "How long lives a bit in a computer?"
21.00Working Group: Perfect Graphs

Thursday, 11 March

Chair:Ewald Speckenmeyer
8.30C. Feremans: "The generalized min. spanning tree problem: polyhedra and branch and cut"
9.00R. Weiskircher: "Optimizing over all embeddings of a planar graph"
9.30S. Leipert: "Computing a level planar embedding in linear time"
Chair:Rolf Moehring
10.30A. Martin: "Integer Programs with block structure"
11.00M. Skutella: "A PTAS for minimizing the total weighted completion time on identical parallel machines"
11.30R. Firla: "On the design of exponential neighborhood for local search algorithms"
Chair:Jack Edmonds
17.30F. Rendl: "Semidefinite Programming applied to combinatorial optimization"
18.10S. Chopra: "Mult-Level network design"
18.50E. Balas: "Lifted cycle inequalities for the ATSP and connections with the symmetric TS polytope"

Friday, 12 March

Chair:Sunil Chopra
8.30A. Caprara: "Models and algorithms for the train scheduling problem"
9.00A. Lodi: "A branch and cut algorithm for the multiple depot vehicle scheduling problem"
9.30S. van Hoesel: "Scheduling football competitions with branch and cut"
Chair:Fraz Rendl
10.30T. Mc Cormick: "One polynomial algorithm that solves lots of network type problems"
11.00B. Klinz: "On the transportation problem with permutable demand vector"
11.30C. Hurkens: "On generating infeasible Cornuejols-Dawande instances"
12.00D. Naddef: "The diversity management problem"