One of the main goals of Systems Biology is to provide computational support for the formulation of new biological hypotheses on the biochemical mechanisms underlying the observed cell behavior and their experimental validation. In fact, the integration of computational modeling, system analysis and quantitative experiments, has proved to be very successful in providing the field of molecular biology with new paradigms and insights.

The aim of the 3rd SYSBIO.IT School on Systems Biology, organized by IASI (Institute of Systems Analysis and Computer Science – Antonio Ruperti),  is to introduce the mathematical formalisms and the computational methods to model, analyse and simulate biological systems, with a special focus on biochemical reactions frameworks. The first day of the School is devoted to present static and constrained-based models; then dynamic models are introduced according to a deterministic (second day) and stochastic (third day) approach. Theoretical lessons are complemented by “hands-on” lessons were students are followed by tutors on their own simulations. On top of that, each day the School hosts an invited speaker giving a talk on her/his cutting-edge research on Systems Biology.

Target Audience

The school will be open for a limited number of motivated and selected participants. Graduate students, PhD students, post-docs and young researchers with different educational backgrounds (Engineering, Biology, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Medicine) interested in Systems Biology, are encouraged to apply.