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1. mapMAP  Research Center on "Advanced Programming Methodologies" 

2. Program Transformation

3. Research  Papers  

     Papers on Epistemology and Artificial Intelligence

4. Talks

5. The Map System

6. Logic Programming

7. Special Issues of FUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE on Program Transformations
     Part I:  Vol. 66, No. 4 April-May 2005 
     Part II: Vol. 69, Nos. 1-2 Winter 2005-2006


8. Errata-Corrige of BIT Paper (1985)

Old Research Projects
·  Galileo Project with ENS, Cachan,   France (
·  Sistemi formali per la Specifica, l'Analisi, la Verifica, la Sintesi e la Trasformazione di Sistemi Software (details)