TCGA2BED: extracting, extending, integrating, and querying The Cancer Genome Atlas.
A software tool to search and retrieve TCGA data and convert them in the structured BED format for their seamless use and integration has been released.

MISSEL: a method to identify a large number of small species-specific genomic subsequences and its application to viruses classification.
A new paper, method, and software for identifying multiple species-specific subsequences has been published.

Emanuel Weitschek

Emanuel Weitschek is researcher in Computer Science at the Department of Engineering of Uninettuno International University. Additionally, he works with the bioinformatics group of the Institute of Systems Analysis and Computer Science Antonio Ruberti of the Italian National Research Council (IASI - CNR) in Rome. Emanuel graduated in computer engineering and obtained the PhD in Computer Science at the Department of Engineering at Roma Tre University. His research interests are biomedical data analysis, bioinformatics and software engineering. Emanuel is involved in following projects: species classification with DNA Barcode sequences, gene expression profile analysis, clinical data mining, viruses/bacteria classification with alignment-free techniques, and next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis. Previously, Emanuel was member of the data base group at Roma Tre University working on the GenData 2020 project, whose aim is the design and the development of a distributed and standardized infrastructure for NGS and clinical experiments. Emanuel was speaker at several international conferences all over the world (e.g., China, Australia, USA, and Europe), where he met many foreign researchers that are now collaborating with him.

Research Interests

Data mining
Software Engineering


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