SP-BRAIN: scalable and reliable implementations of a supervised relevance-based machine learning algorithm.
SP-BRAIN a supervised machine learning algorithm based on Big Data technologies and applied on the prediticition of DNA splicing sites has been released.

Classification of Large DNA Methylation Datasets for Identifying Cancer Drivers.
BIGBIOCL an algorithm that can apply supervised machine learning methods to datasets with hundreds of thousands of features for the extraction of alternative and equivalent classification models has been published.

Combining EEG signal processing with supervised methods for Alzheimer's patients classification.
A new procedure for classifying EEG signals has been designed and applyed to real demented and Alzheimer's diseased patients.

Emanuel Weitschek

Emanuel Weitschek is Scientific Officer in Computer Science at the Italian Competition Authority. Additionally, he is an adjunct professor of Big Data and Machine Learning at Uninettuno University. Previously, he worked with the bioinformatics group of the Institute of Systems Analysis and Computer Science Antonio Ruberti of the Italian National Research Council (IASI - CNR). Emanuel graduated in computer engineering and obtained the PhD in Computer Science at the Department of Engineering at Roma Tre University, where he was member of the the database group working on the design and the development of a distributed and standardized infrastructure for big biomedical data. His research interests are big data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, biomedical data analysis, bioinformatics and software engineering. Emanuel published more than 40 papers in international peer reviewed journals, conferences, and technical reports. Finally, Emanuel was speaker at several international conferences all over the world (e.g., China, Australia, USA, and Europe), where he met many foreign researchers that are now collaborating with him.

Research Interests

Machine learning
Big data
Data mining
Software Engineering


Emanuel Weitschek
Italian Competition Authority
Piazza Verdi 6/a
00198 Rome, Italy

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