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Hydra is an OpenMosix cluster made up of sixteen nodes, built at
IASI-CNR (Istituto di Analisi dei Sistemi ed Informatica IASI-CNR).

hydra is an openMosix cluster, it was built with the aim of doing high performance calculation (HPC). hydra si made up of 16 identical nodes, interconnected by 1Gigabit ethernet switch. Each node has a P4-3.6Ghz processor and 2G of Ram. Recently it was splitted into two subclusters, the first one composed by 12 nodes, the main cluster for calculation, and a second made up of 4 nodes for testing.

The base operating system is Debian GNU/Linux. The cluster is structured in such a way that there are 4 masters and 8 slaves. As you may know there are no master-slave relationship betweeen openMosix nodes, but there are two kind of nodes: UHN and remote. We decided to have only 4 UHN, where the users can login and run their processes. To monitor the cluster we have installed both openMosixView and openMosixWebView.

During the settle up of the cluster I wrote a lot of documentation and useful scripts, such as a simple queueing program (hydraqueue) to mange processes submission on each UHN, a useful one to add new users simultaneosly on all the UHN (addMosixuser). I have also created a bootable cdrom from the running system, in order to make simple the setting up of a new node (or the resurrection of a died node). All of this stuffs are collected and organized in The Hydra documentation Project, follow the below link to learn more.

contact:     adminhydrator_at_iasi.cnr.it 
The hydra cluster is mantained by enrico mastrostefano: mastrostefano_at_iasi.cnr.it.

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