DFLDFL is a software library of derivative-free optimization algorithms. It is the result of a long lasting relationship between IASI-CNR and some prestigious italian universities (Padova, Ca' Foscari, Firenze, Sapienza, Tor Vergata). All of the available software packages are released under the terms and at the conditions of the GNU General Public License. IASI, as administrator of the library, coordinates updates and new releases on the library and constantly monitors remote downloads through the internet

DFL is administered by Giampaolo Liuzzi

Packages can be downloaded here or by clicking the Request item under the Download menu.

A complete list of News & updates to the DFL can be found here.

The DFL website offers the possibility to create an account (by using the link on the right pane of the window). By becoming a registered user one has the opportunity to have access to selected content of the DFL.

Number of downloads (updated at 2023-12-03 18:24:18): 2129