C++ Exact Multiprocessor Feasibility/Schedulability Tools

Author: Vincenzo Bonifaci

This set of C++ programs can be used to perform exact feasibility and schedulability analysis of (tiny) multiprocessor sporadic task sets with constrained deadlines. In particular, the package contains:

  • a tool to perform feasibility analysis based on the classical (abstract) definition of a feasible task system;
  • a tool to perform online feasibility analysis;
  • a tool to perform Global-EDF schedulability analysis;
  • a tool to perform Global-FP schedulability analysis;
  • a tool to perform Global-LLF schedulability analysis;
  • a framework to implement schedulability analysis of any online scheduling algorithm that is both preemptable and predictable.

If you do use these algorithms in your academic work, please cite the paper detailing them:

V. Bonifaci, A. Marchetti-Spaccamela, Feasibility analysis of sporadic real-time multiprocessor task systems, Algorithmica 63(4):763--780, 2012.

More information is included in the README file contained in the zip file above.