3rd Meeting of the EURO Working Group on Transportation

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona

September 27-29, 1995





9:30 - 10:30

Room A: Traffic Control I

Model Based Optimization of Traffic Control Systems

R.D.Kühne, K. Langebein-Euchner


Bounds for Signal Junction Design and Co-ordination

L. Larrañeta, D.Canca, L.Onieva, S. Lozano


Room B: Route Guidance I

A Distributed Control System for Real-Time Route Guidance in Traffic Networks

H.S.Mahmassani, Y.E.Hawas


Drivers' Response to Various Forms of Guidance: Results from the VLADIMIR

I. Palmer, P.Bonsall, P.Balmforth


10:30 - 11:00 (Coffee Break )


11:00 - 13:00

Room A: Traffic Management I

Integration of Urban and Regional Traffic Control within the Munich Comfort Project

A.Csallner, S. Hangleiter, J. Keller


Final Results of the Vigil System from European Field Trials

J.J. Martínez, R. Ferris, J. Martínez, S.Guillén


Investigations of Integrated Corridor Control for M8 Eastbound Corridor in Glasgow

C. Dialkaki, M. Papageorgiou


The Network-Wide Redistributional Effects of Traffic Control and Road Pricing on Route Choice and Mode Choice

M.O. Ghali


Room B: Public Transport I

Rapid Transit Configurations

G. Laporte, J.A. Mesa, F. Ortega


Optimization of Public Transit Systems Using Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms

R. Hamerslag, J. Stada


Solving Large Set Covering Problems for Crew Scbeduling

F. Pezella, E. Faggioli


A Set Partitioning Approach to the Crew Scheduling Problem

A. Mingozzi, M. Boschetti, S. Ricciardelli, L. Bianco



13:00-15:00 Lunch


15:00 - 16:30

Room A: Railway Transport

A Scheduling Problem Arising from Operational Planning of the Railway Freight Transportation

G. Gallo, F. Malucelli, A. Marin


A Decision Suppon System for Railway Service Planning

A. Nuzzolo, F. Russo, U. Crisalli


Dwell Time Models for Light Rail

J. Wu, M. McDonald, N.Hounsell


Room B: Traffic Assignment I

An Equilibrium-Fixed Point Model for Static Passenger Assigmnent in Congested Transit Networks

B. Bouzaïne, M. Gendreau, S. Nguyen


A Dynamic Assignment Model for Congested Radial Transit Networks

M. Gendreau, S. Saïdi, F. Soumis


Methods for Slochastic User Equilibrium Assignment

C.E. Cantarella, E. Cascetta, F.A. Viola


16:30 - 17:00 Cofee Break


17:00 - 18:00

Room A: Traffic Control II

Calculating Delay and Queue Lengths from UTC Sensor-Informations

B. Friedrich, A. Poschinger


Traffic Data Analysis-Methods and Applications

H. Kirschfink, R. Weber


Room B: Traffic Assignment II

A Continuous- in Time Exit Link Function-Based Dynamic Network Loading Model

V.Adamo, V. Astarita


A Continuous in Time Link Dynamic Loading Model Based on the Only Exit Link Function Formulation

V. Astarita





9:00 - 10:30

Room A: Traffic Modelling I

Traffic Queue Estimnation

J.L.Callego, J.L. Farges, J.J. Henry


Trip Chain and Mode Choice: an Analysis through a Combined RP/SP Calibration

G.E. Cantarella, M.N. Postorino


A Consigmnent Model for Freight Modal Choice

A. Nuzzolo, F. Russo


Room B: Traffic Assignment III

A Simplicial Decomposition Algorithm for the General Traffic Assignment Problem: RSDVI.

L. Montero, J. Barceló


A Proof of Existence of a User Equilibrium for Dynamic Traffic Assignment

L. Brotcorne, D. de Wolf, M. Labbé


Energy-Reducing Methods for Soling Traffic Assignment, Optimisation and Variational. Inequality Problems: RSDVI

M.J. Smith, M.B. Wisten


10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break


11:00 - 13:00

Room A: Traffic Modeling II

Meuse: An Origin-Destination Matrix Estimator that Exploits Structure

M. Bierlaire, P.L. Toint


A Robust Algorithm for the Simultaneous Estimation of Hierachical Logit Models

M. Bierlaire


A Few Praetical Problems on the Application of OD-Estimation in Motorway Networks

Y. Zhou, T. Sachse


A Multi-Class Path Flow Estimator

M.G.H. Bell, C.M. Shield


Room B: Traffic Management II

Optimal Transport Prieing for Dublin

M. O'Mahony, L. Willumsen


On-Line Supervision of Urban Traffic

D. Inaudi, E. Morello


A Journey Time Estimation Method Combining Private Traffie and Public Transport Information

G. Beccaria, A. Bolelli, S. Conte


Design of a Traveller Information System on a Freeway within a Skiing Resort Area-System Study

R.D. Kühne


13:00 - 15:00 Lunch


15:00 - 16:30

Room A: Public Tansport II

Optimization of Regional Transport Supply

J. Cerny


Urban transport and the Environment

M. Mcdonald, E.G. Shinakis, A. Richards


A Multiple Criteria Framework for Evaluation of Urban Transport Systems

S. León, I. Santos


Room B: Traffic Assignment IV

Passenger Assignment in a Regional area Transit System by Active Paths Enumeration

F. Malucelli, .S. Pallolino, A. Schettino


Equilibrium in Bimodal Networks with Capacity Constraints

P. Ferrari


Sue Assignment Model and MSA algorithm: Some Considerations on Troubles and Effectiveness

V. Adamo, G.N. Bifulco


16:30-17:00 Coffee Break


17:00 - 18:00

Room A: Routing Problems

Carrier Fleet Management Models Under Real-time Informations

A.C. Regan, H.S.Mahmassani, P. Jaillet


A Branch and Cut Algorithm for the Selective Travelling Salesman Problem

M. Gendreau, C. Laporte, F. Semet


Lulti-Start Heuristic Searches for Constrained Vehicle Routing Problems

J.A. Moreno, J.M. Moreno-Vega


Room B: Other Models

Multicriteria Analysis of Electric Vehicles

M. Bielli, V. Delle Site, O. Landolfi, P. Carotenuto


The Swapping Problem on a Line and on a Circle with Applications for Movement of a Robot Arm

S. Anily, M. Gendreau, G. Laporte


 21:00 Conference Dinner





9:00 - 10:30

Room A: Traffic Modelling III

A New Methodology for Dealing with Traffic Flow in Dense Networks

F.G. Benítez


A Route Based Variant of the AIMSUN2 Microsimulation Model

J. Barceló, M. Florian, I. Chabini, L. Saux, J.L. Ferrer, R. Grau


Discrete Choice Model Estimation Throuth Neural Networks

M.C.M. Carvalho, M. Dougherty, A. Kowkes, M. Wardman


Room C: Traffic Assignment V

Equilibrium Characterizations of Solutions to Side Constrained Asymetric Traffic Assignment Models

T. Larsson, M. Patriksson


Asymmetric Traffic Assignment: A New, Coherent Formulation of the Problem

P.L. Toint, L.M. Wynter


Experiments with a Multi-Commodity Formulation for the Symmetric Capacitated Vehicle. Routing Problem

M. Fischetti, J.J. Salazar. P. Toth


10:30 ~ 00 Cofee Break


 11 :00 - 12:00

Room A: Route Guidance II

Calculation of Travel Time Savings by Dual Mode Route Guidance for the South Corridor in the Stuttgart Test Field

R.D. Küne, K. Langbein


A Driver Intercity Path Choice Model with the Use of Criterion Labels

F.Russo, A.Vitetta


Room C: Traffic Assignment VI

The continuous Dynamic Network Loading Problem

J.H. Wu, Y. Chen, M. Florian


An Heuristic algorithm for Dynamic Network Loading

E. Codina, J.Barceló


 12:10 - 13:00 Closing Session (Room A)


Clossing Invited Lecture: "The construction of an Object-Oriented Traffic Simulator"

Professor: Michael Pidd, University of Lancaster, UK