Cinzia Volonté
Cinzia Volonté Cinzia Volonté
Research Director
Dirigente di Ricerca

Istituto di Analisi dei Sistemi ed Informatica "Antonio Ruberti"
Via dei Taurini, 19
00185 Roma - Italy

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Tel.: 06 501703084
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Research interests

Research activity in my laboratory is focused on studying the pathophysiological functions of purinergic (ionotropic P2X, metabotropic P2Y) and histaminergic (H1-H4) receptors in the central nervous system. Main goals of current reaserch are: to understand the early and late events partaking to the neuronal and glial commitment to neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation; to identify the molecular interactors and signalling pathways that regulate the purinergic and histaminergic involvement in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and multiple sclerosis.

Our mission is finding innovative solutions and paradigms for therapy in ALS and MS pathogenesis


Personal news

Head of Cellular Nurobiology Unit at Santa Lucia Foundation, Rome-IT




Research groups

Selected publications
  • Amadio S, Federica Conte, Esposito G, Giulia Fiscon, Paola Paci, Cinzia Volonté: Repurposing Histaminergic Drugs in Multiple Sclerosis, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23(11):6347,, 2022
  • Mascolo E, Liguori F, Merigliano C, Schiano L, Gnocchini E, Pilesi E, Cinzia Volonté, Di Salvo ML, Contestabile R, Tramonti A, Vernì F: Vitamin B6 rescues insulin resistance and glucose-induced DNA damage caused by reduced activity of Drosophila PI3K., Journal Cell Physiology 237(9), 3578-3586, 2022
  • Scaricamazza S, Salvatori I, Amadio S, Nesci V, Torcinaro A, Giacovazzo G, Primiano A, Gloriani M, Candelise N, Pieroni L, Loeffler JP, René F, Quessada C, Tefera TW, Wang H, Steyn FJ, Ngo ST, Dobrowolny G, Lepore E, Urbani A, Musarò A, Cinzia Volonté, Ferraro E, Coccurello R, Valle C, Ferri A: Repurposing of Trimetazidine for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: a study in SOD1G93A mouse model., British Journal Pharmacology 179(8), 1732-1752, 2022
  • Cinzia Volonté, Amadio S: Rethinking purinergic concepts and updating the emerging role of P2X7 and P2X4 in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Neuropharmacology 221, 2022
  • Cinzia Volonté, Apolloni S, Amadio S: The Histamine and Multiple Sclerosis Alliance: Pleiotropic Actions and Functional Validation., in: The Functional Roles of Histamine Receptors, Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences, 59, Springer, 217-239, 2022
  • Apolloni S, Fabbrizio P, Amadio S, Napoli G, Freschi M, Sironi F, Pevarello P, Tarroni P, Liberati C, Bendotti C, Cinzia Volonté: Novel P2X7 Antagonist Ameliorates the Early Phase of ALS Disease and Decreases Inflammation and Autophagy in SOD1-G93A Mouse Model, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22(19):10649,, 2021
  • Brandi R, Fabiano M, Giorgi C, Arisi I, La Regina F, Malerba F, Turturro S, Storti A, Ricevuti F, Amadio S, Cinzia Volonté, Capsoni S, Scardigli R, D'Onofrio M, Cattaneo A: Nerve Growth Factor neutralization promotes oligodendrogenesis by increasing miR-219a-5p levels, Cells,, 2021
  • Camponeschi C, De Carluccio C, Amadio S, Clementi ME, Sampaolese B, Cinzia Volonté, Tredicine M, Spica VR, Di Liddo R, Michetti F, Di Sante G: S100B protein as a therapeutic target in multiple sclerosis: the S100B inhibitor arundic acid protects from chronic experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22(24):13558,, 2021
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  • Liguori F., Amadio S, Cinzia Volonté: Where and Why Modeling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22(8):3977,, 2021
  • Martire A, Pepponi R, Liguori F, Cinzia Volonté, Popoli P: P2X7 receptor agonist 2’-3’-O-(4-Benzoylbenzoyl)-ATP differently modulates corticostriatal synaptic transmission and cell viability in experimental models of Huntington’s disease, Frontiers in Pharmacology 11:2488, 2021
  • Mascolo E, Liguori F, Stufera Mecarelli L, Amoroso N, Merigliano C, Amadio S, Cinzia Volonté, Contestabile R, Tramonti A, Vernì F: Functional inactivation of Drosophila GCK orthologs causes genomic instability and oxidative stress in a fly model of MODY-2, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22(2):918,, 2021
  • Michetti F, Di Sante G, Clementi ME, Sampaolese B, Casalbore P, Cinzia Volonté, Romano Spica V, Parnigotto PP, Di Liddo R, Amadio S, Ria F: Growing role of S100B protein as a putative therapeutic target for neurological- and nonneurological-disorders, Neurosci Biobehav Rev 127, 446-458, 2021
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  • Cinzia Volonté: What strikes most when we think of Geoff, Purinergic Signalling 17(2), 2021
  • Bernardino L, Cinzia Volonté, Passani AM, Ferreira R: Dual role of Microglia in Health and Disease: Pushing the Balance Toward Repair, Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 14:259, doi: 10.3389/fncel.2020.00259. eCollection 2020, 2020
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  • Fabbrizio P, Apolloni S, Bianchi A, Salvatori I, Valle C, Lanzuolo C, Bendotti C, Nardo G, Cinzia Volonté: P2X7 activation enhances skeletal muscle metabolism and regeneration in SOD1G93A mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Brain Pathology, 30(2):272-282, doi:10.1111/bpa.12774, 2020
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  • Apolloni S, Caputi F, Pignataro A, Amadio S, Fabbrizio P, Ammassari-Teule M, Cinzia Volonté: Histamine Is an Inducer of the Heat Shock Response in SOD1-G93A Models of ALS., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 20(15):3793,, 2019
  • Giacovazzo G, Fabbrizio P, Apolloni S, Coccurello R, Cinzia Volonté: Stimulation of P2X7 Enhances Whole Body Energy Metabolism in Mice, Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 13:390, ://, 2019
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