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2003  [top]
  • Arcieri F., Fioravanti F., Nardelli E., Talamo M.: Monitoring Performance of Cooperative Services in a Digital Government Framework, in the Proceedings of 3rd International Symposium on Applications and the Internet {(SAINT'03)}, 2003
  • Bertuzzi A., Fasano A., Gandolfi A.: Modelling the dynamics of tumour cords under a cell killing agent, in the Proceedings of Second MIT Conference on ``Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics'', Cambridge, MA, USA, 2003
  • Bianchi M., Carlo Gaibisso, Gambosi G.: N-JIS: a system for Web Services integration in Java RMI distributed applications, in the Proceedings of Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference: Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems, Marina del Rey, CA, USA, November 2003., 2003
  • Bielli M., Bielli A.: Trends in intelligent urban traffic management systems, in the Proceedings of AIRO 2003 - Giornate della Associazione Italiana di Ricerca Operativa, Venezia, 2003
  • Bielli M., Giovanni Felici, Giovanni Rinaldi, Sforza A.: Trends in intelligent signal traffic control, in the Proceedings of EURO-IFORS Conference, Istambul, 2003
  • Bielli M., Giovanni Felici, Giovanni Rinaldi, Truemper K.: A traffic simulation and signal control model based on logic programming, in the Proceedings of Traffic modeling: Trends and Challanges, Barcellona, 2003
  • Bilò V., Di Pasquale A., Fioravanti F., Flammini M., Forlizzi L., Lo Presti F., Melideo G., Nardelli E., Navarra A., Guido Proietti: Quality of Service in Wireless Networks, in the Proceedings of 3rd International Workshop on Wireless, Mobile and Ad Hoc Networks (WMAN'03), 2003
  • Bordoni L., Colagrossi A., Mandarano N.: A Virtual Reality Application for Cultural Assets: the Scholars point of View, in the Proceedings of Intrernational Conference on Electronic Iamging \& the Visual Arts {(EVA 2003)}, 2003
  • Carlo Chiarla, Ivo Giovannini: Taurina: proprietà ed implicazioni nutrizionali, in the Proceedings of Atti Simposio ``Nuovi Substrati in Nutrizione Parenterale'' 11$\empty^{\mbox{mo}}$ Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Nutrizione Parenterale ed Enterale, 5-13, 2003
  • De Angelis V., Giovanni Felici, Mancinelli G.: Optimal Feature Selection for Data Mining, in the Proceedings of AIRO 2003 - Giornate della Associazione Italiana di Ricerca Operativa, Venezia, 2003
  • De Gaetano A., Di Martino D., Germani A., Manes C.: Mathematical models and state observation of the glucose-insulin homeostasis, in the Proceedings of 21st IFIP TC 7 Conference on System Modeling and Optimization, Sophia Antipolis, France, 2003
  • De Nicola A., Michele Missikoff, Schiappelli F.: Verso un supporto ontologico per la creazione di corsi eLearning, in the Proceedings of I Workshop progetto Web Learning per la qualità del capitale umano, Trento, Italy, Editore Università Elettronica, 52-64, 2003
  • Ditlevsen S., De Gaetano A.: A Model of the Uptake of Alternative Fatty Acids by Isolated Rat Liver Based on Stochastic Differential Equations, in the Proceedings of Workshop on Dynamical Stochastic Modeling in Biology, 8--10 January 2003, Huebner M., Sorensen M. eds., 2003
  • Giovanni Felici, Arezzo M.F.: Tecniche avanzate di Data Mining applicate all'analisi della mobilità individuale, in the Proceedings of INPUT 2003: Terza Conferenza Nazionale su Informatica e Pianificazione, Pisa, 2003
  • Giovanni Felici, Mecoli M., Paoletti B.: Resource Assignment with Preference Constraints, in the Proceedings of AIRO 2003 - Giornate della Associazione Italiana di Ricerca Operativa, Venezia, 2003
  • Ferri F., Grifoni P., Rafanelli M.: GeoSQL: a schetc-based query language for geographical data, in the Proceedings of IIWAS 2003 - The Fifth International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications \& Services, Jakarta, Indonesia, Kotsis G., Bressan S., Catania B., Ibrahim I.K. eds., 195-203, 2003
  • Frangioni A., Claudio Gentile: Perspective cuts for 0-1 Mixed Integer Programming Problems, in the Proceedings of Airo 2003, Venezia, September 2-5, 2003
  • Claudio Gentile, Haus U.-U., Köppe M., Giovanni Rinaldi, Weismantel R.: A primal approach to the Solution of the Stable Set Problem, in the Proceedings of EURO/INFORMS 2003, Istanbul, July 6-10, 2003
  • Germani A., Manes C., Pasquale Palumbo: A Minimum Variance Filter for Discrete-Time Linear Systems Perturbed by Unknown Nonlinearities, in the Proceedings of IEEE Int. Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS2003), Bangkok, Thailand, Vol. 4, 2003
  • Germani A., Manes C., Pasquale Palumbo: Polynomial Filtering for Stochastic Systems with Markovian Switching Coefficients, in the Proceedings of 42nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC'03), Maui, Hawaii, Vol.~2, 2003
  • Germani A., Manes C., Pasquale Palumbo: Polynomial Extended Kalman Filtering for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Stochastic Systems, in the Proceedings of 42nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC'03), Maui, Hawaii, Vol.~1, 886-891, 2003
  • Kalinichenko L.A., Michele Missikoff, Schiappelli F.: Ontological Modeling, in the Proceedings of RCDL 2003, 5th Russian Conference on Digital Libraries, St. Petesburg, Russia, 52-64, 2003
  • Michele Missikoff, Anna Formica: Ontology Validation in OPAL, in the Proceedings of ICWS'03, Int. Conference on Web Services, LasVegas, Nevada, Springer-Verlag Heidelberg, 198-202, 2003
  • Michele Missikoff, Missikoff O.: Le PMI e la Net Economy: un quadro di riferimento organizzativo e tecnologico, in the Proceedings of IV Workshop di Organizzazione Aziendale, Florence, Italy, Editore Università Elettronica, 52-64, 2003
  • Michele Missikoff, Schiappelli F.: Semantic Annotation for Enterprise Interoperability, in the Proceedings of IICAI'03, 1st Indian International Conference On Artificial Intelligence, Hyderabad, India, IEEE Computer Society, 80-86, 2003
  • Michele Missikoff, Schiappelli F., Francesco Taglino: A Controlled Language for Semantic Annotation and Interoperability in e-Business Applications, in the Proceedings of ISWC'03, 2nd International Semantic Web Conference, Semantic Integration Workshop, Sanibel, Florida, Springer-Verlag Heidelberg, 80-86, 2003
  • Michele Missikoff, Francesco Taglino: Symontox: A Web-Ontology Tool for eBusiness Domains , in the Proceedings of WISE'03, 4th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering, Roma, Italy, IEEE Computer Society, 343-346, 2003
  • Michele Missikoff, Francesco Taglino: The Architecture of Harmonise: an Ontology-based Platform for Semantic Interoperability, in the Proceedings of SEBD'03, Eleventh Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems, Cetraro, Italy, Rubettino Editore, 335-346, 2003
  • Michele Missikoff, Wertner H., Fodor O.: Harmonise - Towards Interoperability in the Tourism Domain, in the Proceedings of ENTER Conference on Information Technology and Travel \& Tourism, Helsinki, Finland, Springer Wien, New York, 58-66, 2003
  • Nuzzo G., Clemente G., Ivo Giovannini, Giuliante F.: Il cancro incidentale della colecisti, in the Proceedings of Archivio Atti Società Italiana di Chirurgia, 1, Pozzi Edizioni, 43-55, 2003
  • Sartori N., Salvan A., Thomaseth K.: Multiple imputation of missing values in a dose-response analysis of cancer mortality in relation to estimated absorbed dose of dioxin, in the Proceedings of Atti del convegno S.Co. 2003 ``Modelli Complessi e Metodi Computazionali Intensivi per la Stima e la Previsione'', Treviso, 368-373, 2003
  • Sterbini A., Temperini M.: A logical framework for course configuration in e-learning, in the Proceedings of 4th IEEE Int. Conf. On Information Technology Based Higher Education {(ITHET03)}, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2003
  • Torlone R., Atzeni P.: Chameleon: an Extensible and Customizable Tool for Web Data Translation, in the Proceedings of 29th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases {(VLDB'03)}, 1085-1088, 2003
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