Coordinator: Patrizia Tartara


Knowledge and geographical positioning for, research, protection, management of cultural heritage of the territory

Research Activities

The aim of the SIT BC (Sistema Informativo Territoriale per i Beni Culturali) of the Italian Territory is research, protection, management of cultural heritage of the national territory. As a focus it uses the geographical positioned information for knowledge, preservation and increasing the value of the territorial cultural heritage. It is a very hard and useful tool for gathering, updating, processing, and consulting all the Cultural Heritage and Environmental available Data of the national territory. Those last come from survey, aerial monitoring, researches, finalized cartography, bibliographical and archives information which are the necessary basic Form for every properly planned action on Environment and Historical Landscape. The Data Base of the SIT is organized as a function of territorial Data; it contains specific information on heritage evidence, but even on the environmental context, on conditions and peculiarity and way of acquisition of the single evidence. All these actions are related to the vector graphic mapping on the various cartography and to the representation of terrain conditions and visibility. The SIT BC is aligned with the general codes and with national and international cartographic framework based on civil and military standards and with the up-to-date European criteria. It lies on a complex of geopositioned cartographical basis, intended as a standardized technological environment for exchanging Data in synergy with other Administrations and Public Institutions; usable in all levels (cadastre, networks and services management, census, territory planning and agricultural management, etc.) by all kind of local administrations and even by foreign administrations (applying or modifying it on the guidances [routine] of different Countries).

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