Coordinator: Sara Mattia


The OPTIMA research group investigates theoretical and real life optimization problems with mathematical methodologies, from the study of models and structural properties of the problems to the design and development of solution algorithms

Research Activities

1. Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization

Methods of graph theory, polyhedral combinatorics and integer
programming to characterize optimal solutions and efficient algorithms
for discrete optimization problems such as routing problems in networks,
packing/covering problems and coloring problems in graphs.

2. Mixed-integer linear and nonlinear programming

Exact solution methods are developed for NP-hard problems based on
Polyhedral Theory, Dynamic Programming, Semidefinite Programming,
Decomposition Methods, Robust Optimization and Bilevel Optimization.

3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Development of advanced optimization techniques for the enhancement of
machine learning and Artificial intelligence methods with explainable
and reliable behavior.

4. Operations Research and Management Science

Development of efficient and innovative approaches to different
real-life problems, including those arising in green and circular
economy, urban planning, transportation and logistics, energy systems,
telecommunications and health care.

Group members

Group projects