Coordinator: Anna Formica


The SaKS research group studies the logical foundations and the engineering of software and knowledge-based systems.

Research Activities

  1. Knowledge representation and automated reasoning, whose objective is the definition of intelligent methodologies and technologies in order to extract, represent and manage the knowledge contained in digital resources.
  2. Natural language processing and information retrieval for web search as well as question answering over knowledge bases and interactive systems (e.g., conversational search and recommendation).
  3. Methods and systems for collecting, storing, processing, and communicating information and, in particular, social network-based information systems, geographic information systems, and human-computer interaction.
  4. Software Engineering methods and technologies supporting all the activities in the software life-cycle: the analysis, the design, the development, the V&V. Topics of specific interest cover both formal verification and software testing approaches applied to traditional or AI-based software systems.
  5. Logic-based methods and their application in the field of computer science, with a focus on constraint and logic programming, automated theorem proving, logic-based machine learning, and explainable artificial intelligence.
  6. Advanced investigative methodologies and technologies in data science, from data management to data modeling, analysis, and engineering, in particular, data science and machine learning approaches, smart data, smart sensors, IoT, and remote sensing data.

Group members

Group projects